The Diving Service (TDS) is the largest commercial diving service in Iceland.  We have been providing our diving services to the Icelandic fishing industry and the commercial fleet for many years. TDS is by far the best equipped diving service in Iceland suitable for any kind of underwater projects.

Icelandic marine vessels rely on us for maintenance, hull- and gear inspection and hull cleaning and we also service wharves, tanks, marine cables, rescue ships, underwater welding, underwater laying of cables and discharge pipes, underwater photography, and many other things .
We have one remotely controlled underwater camera(ROV) wich can easelly dive down to 400 meters. Our  ROV is equipped with a low light camera and a sonar making it possible for us to monitor and inspect underwater sites regardless of visibility.  The ROV is equipped with a tentacle and can pick up small things and it can thread combination rope to things that need to be lifted up to the surface. It´s very convenient to use the remotely-controlled camera on open sea in depth were divers can barely work.
We also have 3 barges, the biggest one is Fjolvi, and he is 16 meters long and 6 meter width. He has 2 x 220 horsepower engines and a crane. The crane can lift up to 15 tons.

Our biggest projects have been from rescuing the Iceland’s coastguards helicopter TF-SIF, to rescuing ships from 5.000 tons up to 40.000 tons. The company has as well taken part in laying fiber optic cable around Iceland and the Candat cable in Vestman islands. The company also took part in laying the biggest discharge wiring in Iceland.
TDS has a lot of experience in this field and there is always something that can be done. When others run out of ideas they come to us and we take over.