Köfunarþjónustan aims to be a leading company in the delivery of emergency response, wreck removal and decommissioning services to the shipping and offshore industries in Iceland along with other diving and offshore services provided.

Through applied ingenuity Köfunarþjónustan aims to protect the interest of its customers in its projects without sacrificing the interest of the environment in challenging circumstances.

No harm

Köfunarþjónustan is driven to establish a working environment that does not bring harm to any participants. Köfunarþjónustan complies with all applicable rules and regulations in the performance of its services. Köfunarþjónustan will not compromise on safety to meet its business objectives.

Recognized management principles.

Köfunarþjónustan makes best use of internationally recognized management principles and the latest industry practices. These principles and practices are systematically included and continually improved with the help of a process-based integrated management system.


Köfunarþjónustan acknowledges that health and safety management is a line responsibility, where leaders create and maintain a no-blame environment in which employees can become fully engaged in order to prevent incidents and damage to health. Leaders will ensure that employees are competent to recognize hazards and to perform the safety measures. Köfunarþjónustan promotes safe behavior through leading by example.

Employee involvement

Employees are encouraged to take ownership for the safety of themselves and the people around them. Every employee has the authority and duty to stop unsafe working situations.

Köfunarþjónustan consults employee representatives about day-to-day health and safety conditions.

Safety chain

To guarantee safety of operations coordination between the customer, Köfunarþjónustan and its suppliers and subcontractors is key. Köfunarþjónustan only works with suppliers and subcontractors that can comply with all requirements.


The senior management of Köfunarþjónustan shows its commitment to this policy by:

  • Communicating the health and safety policy to all employees and stakeholders.
  • Putting safety first at any management meeting.
  • Setting business objectives that support this health and safety policy.
  • Making sure that there are no conflicting objectives.
  • Providing the resources needed for the creation, use and improvement of safety measures, including training of people.
  • Acting to continually improve the management system.


Köfunarþjónustan main health and safety objectives are:

  1. No fatalities and injuries.
  2. No irreversible damage to health.
  3. No damage to equipment.
  4. Full compliance with customer requirements.
  5. Full compliance with all applicable rules and regulations.