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Floating Pontoons

Köfunarþjónustan is the distributor for several kinds of floating pontoons and related equipment. We aim to provide everything you need for installing and maintaining pontoons. Here on the left is a list of the companies and equipment we can provide. Even if you can‘t find what you need in that list, please contact us and we will do our best to fulfill your needs and requirements.

We also provide all services needed for installing and maintaining floating pontoons, including:

Mapping of the harbor by multibeam survey

Design of the setup and estimation of demand

Installation and final setup

Inspection of all underwater material needs to performed regularly and we can provide divers to perform these inspections and deliver reports of the condition along with propositions of necessary repairs.

Distributor of SF Marina in Iceland


Quote: SF Marina have been in the forefront in the field of concrete pontoons and breakwaters for a century now. We are internationally recognized for providing our customers tailor-made premium marinas and advanced floating solutions all over the world. Our knowledge and experience has withstood the test of time and the force of nature since 1918.

Port view in Siglufjörður

Rolec services

Rolec has more then 30 years of experience in providing electrical hookup solutions for marinas and other instances were electric hookups are needed. We are a proud distributor of their equipment  and aim to offer a swift and reliable services in this field as others.


CanadaDocks Iceland


Is a leading manufacturer of aluminum bolt-together Dock kits for lakes and stiller waters. Their products are a lightweight constructions which can be easily assembled with ordinary handtools. The docks can be easily removed from water for seasonal puposes witout disambling the modules.


Is a Canadian company that among other things specialises in manufacturing Aeration systems that can be used for many different application, F.X. deicing and prevention of icebuildup, oil spill retaining and more.

Bubble Tubing® Technology


Are produced by Parmaplast in Norway. It is a inovative system of pneumatic plastic pillows which can be cut into any suitable length for your needs. It protects both the vessels and the docks from damges and eliminates the need for having cumbersome bellows hanging on the side of the boats.


Is amanufacturer of an elastic mooring soultions which have proofen their reliabillity under extreme conditions all around the world. It is a innovative solution for which eliminates the need for chains when mooring floating pontoons and other floating constuctions. It is build out of high quality materials such as high grade stainless steel, squareplait polyester ropes and rubber.

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