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Survey division

The diving service provides a variety of services regarding research on the seabed and lakes. These include:

  • Multi-beam surveys,
  • Seismic profiling
  • Acquisition of  vibrocores from loose strata
  • sediment sampling with a grabber.

The diving service has a close collaboration with Kjartan Thors ehf. on various research projects of this kind.

The Diving Service also has equipment for various types of filming on the seabed. Firstly  with a sledge that can be pulled over large areas for inspection on the surface of the seafloor and secondly with an underwater drone (ROV) that is suitable for filming in smaller areas. It  can work down to a depth of 100 meters.

Multi-beam survey

Multi-beam survey is an echo-depth measurements based on measurements of the travel time of a sound signal that is reflected from the bottom. In multi-beam survey, many sound beams are applied at a time, and each is sent to the bottom at a certain angle. Each transceiver is recorded, and in this way a wide area measurement is obtained on each sailed survey line (see figure). Due to the number of sound beams, a very detailed depth survey is achieved, which provides an accurate map of the seafloor. Here are some examples from our multi-beam surveys.

Seismic profiling

With low sound frequency and high transmission energy, sediment layers can be penetrated . The technology allows measurements of the thickness of loose materials and the depth to the bedrock. This technology is used for mapping practical minerals, measuring the depth of the bedrock for construction or estimation of quantity of loose materials.

Vibrocoring of loose strata

With a Vibracorer a core can be obtained from loose strata. This has proven successful in mapping practical minerals (gravel and sand, calcareous algae deposits). This type of core can also be used to measure the engineering properties of sediments.

Seabed sampling

With a sediment grabber, samples can be taken from the seabed surface for various purposes.

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