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Strongest in Iceland 2017 – 2023.

Rescue and salvage task force

Diving department

Years of experience in the field of diving, is well equipped and has a group of experienced professional divers.


The company undertakes large and small diving projects. Certified by four classes

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Survey department

We provide a variety of services regarding research on the bottom of the sea and lakes.


These include multi-beam measurements, sediment thickness measurements, acquisition of loose core cores, bottom sampling and video recording.

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Pontoons department

We provide a powerful service by assisting with the selection of floating docks and accessories


Import, consulting, installation and service

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Special projects

The Special Projects Department specializes in fringe projects that other companies are reluctant to do.

Special projects

These include the installation of support structures for avalanche protection, drilling of rock anchors, installation of fall protection equipment.

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Certified by the following classes

Köfunarþjónustan offers good workmanship.

Various tasks in demanding conditions

There is a great and varied experience within the company and together we form a very strong team.

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