Sacrificial zinc anodes are placed on ships’ hulls in order to protect other, more important, metals. The anodes need monitoring, as they may wear faster than planned, e.g. due to shorts in electrical systems. Worn anodes may lead to extensive, fast corrosion in metal hulls, sea chests valves, propellers or steering mechanism with serious consequences. Without anodes, bottom paint may also flake off prematurely.

It only takes one day for a diver to weld new zinc anodes on a good size ship. The quality of the welds is very important. Underwater welding leads to more brittle welds, and such welding is only to be entrusted to experienced operators.

A diver will weld new zinc anodes to the hull, and carry an attached camera. The client can monitor the proceedings in real time, and will receive a video disc and a report on the condition of anodes.

IDS can provide this service at short notice and work quickly in order to avoid expensive delays. The company can provide all anodes and other supplies required.