The Icelandic Diving Service has a long experience in reclaiming ships, boats and other valuables from the sea, both in harbors and from the Icelandic coast. We have also undertaken rescue work on land, of vehicles, snowmobiles, and other valuables from rivers and lakes. The company is the largest rescue company of its kind in Iceland and is well equipped with specialized gear and manpower for most salvation tasks.

Rapid response and experience count heavily when accidents occur, and when further damage is imminent. The Icelandic Diving Service has reclaimed many boats sunk in harbors, and has developed a new technology to refloat boats and thus minimize expensive work with cranes. The company utilities a oil protection fence in order to avoid unnecessary oil pollution during rescue operations. Our response time is less than 2 hours in the Reykjavik area, which we use to bring divers, powerful pumps, inflatable floats, and booms to the site.

.Our largest reclamation operation was the rescue of the freighter Wilson Muuga off rocks in SW-Iceland. IDS was in charge of the operation which resulted in the  refloating of the vessel with minimal damage.