Multibeam surveys should be a key component of all construction work in and at sea. Multibeam surveys give a precise picture of what is hidden under the surface of the ocean. JKT Survey uses Seabat T20  from Teledyne Reson, which is a versatile multibeam sonar, whether it’s in constructions, research or salvation projects. The PDS data processing software from Teledyne offers multiple options on working with data that is obtained with the T20 .

Multibeam surveys have been used successfully for looking of foreign objects in ports such as lost sheet piles fenders, inspection of sheet piles as well as inspection of sewers systems.

JKT Survey has great options for al kind of surveys and can work in remote areas using VRS system.

Projects that JKT Survey has undertaken

  • Construction in harbors
  • Research for mining projects
  • Research for fish farming project
  • In survey of pipelines
  • Search and salvation
  • And many more.