A hull inspection may be necessary after a mishap or grounding. The Icelandic Diving Service is approved by the major insurers to carry out such inspections. In some cases a ship may be exempted from a slipway inspection after an inspection afloat. Such an inspection comprises a survey of hull condition, bottom paint, zinc anodes, shaft seals, propeller, transducers, steering gear, and sea chests.

It is advisable to call for an IDS hull inspection if a ship is grounded, or if one of the following symptoms are observed:

  • A minor deformation of a propeller blade can easily cause vibrations. Frequently, the blade may be repaired by sanding
  • Suspect readings by echo-sounders or other instruments using transducers.
  • Unusually high temperature of coolant or exhaust. This could be caused by fouling in sea chests/sea coolers.
  • Suspicion of oil leak past oil seals.


The diver carries a camera, allowing the client to observe proceedings in real time. A video disc is provided to the client along with a written report on the findings.