The Icelandic Diving Service is the largest of its kind in Iceland. The company builds on many years of experience in commercial diving, is well equipped for a multitude of tasks, and is based on a team of professional divers. The company carries out large and small diving projects in addition to a variety of other projects at sea or on dry land.

IDS is approved by the major classification societies (Lloyds Register, DNV-GL) and provides service to Icelandic and foreign ships in Iceland.

The company is well equipped for this service; we run several mobile dive control stations, easily movable to any port at short notice. Our air pumps provide air to divers in order to prolong their time under water, communication systems ensure instant communication with the control station. Underwater video allows real time monitoring of progress, and a decompression chamber provides security.

Among services provided by IDS are various tasks carried out for the Icelandic fishing fleet, such as clearing fouled propellers, replacing sacrificial anodes (zinc), replacing transducers, hull cleaning, and underwater welding, to name a few.

IDS offers various services to Icelandic harbours. Repairs to sheet piles, and attaching anodes for protection against corrosion are among these. So is bathymetric mapping.

In emergencies, rapid response is often required, and IDS is ready at any time of day to help out at short notice.